Military and Veterans

All Students Receiving or Potentially Qualified to Receive VA Educational Benefits:

A routine VA compliance survey is being conducted of Chaminade University of Honolulu. Although a VA Representative will not physically be on campus, you are encouraged to contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551 with comments or concerns you may have regarding this school and/or your use of VA education benefits.

“GI Bill(r) is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at”

Education Options for Military, Veteran, & Dependent Students:

Post 9/11(CH 33) GI Bill Benefit & Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP)

View Information for CH33 and YRP 

Applying for Certification of Enrollment to VA-for VA Educational Benefits:

  1. You may obtain information and apply for your VA educational benefits at GI Bill Website
  2. Discuss your academic plan with your advisor and register for your classes
  3. If you are changing major or institution you must complete a VA form 22-1995 on your first VA certification request and submit it to the VA Certifying Official
  4. Submit CUH VA Form 29A to the CUH VA Certifying Official (See: Requesting Certification Each Semester/Term)
  5. It is IMPORTANT to submit a 29B (Change in Enrollment Status) as soon as possible if there is a change in your enrollment status (see note below: Change in Enrollment Status)

NOTE: Change in Enrollment Status (Add/Drop/Withdraw/Canceled). If a student decides to add, drop, or withdraw from a course, or the class is canceled for the term, the student must notify the Certifying Official by submitting CUH29B Change in Enrollment Status Form.

Academic Plan

All students requesting or receiving VA educational benefits are required to have a current academic plan.

Requesting Certification Each Semester/Term

The student must request certification each semester/term by submitting a CUH VA Form 29A to the VA Certifying Official in the Records Office at Clarence T.C. Ching Hall or via email ( or fax (808-735-4777). The Certifying Official is responsible for processing the certification once all requirements have been met. If a student changes his/her major, a VA form 22-1995 (Change of Program or Place of Training) needs to be filled out and submitted to the VA Certifying Official. Electives in excess of those required for satisfaction of degree requirements, except for the last term/semester prior to graduation, when the student elects to utilize the “Rounding Out” option to bring his/her course load up to a full-time status, will not be certified.

VA Once Notification

When the VA Certification is submitted to the VA, you will receive an email from VA Once acknowledging the acceptance of the certification request. Your Chaminade student email address will be used as the default address, unless a preferred (personal) email address is on the 29A, in which case the latter will be used.

Transfer VA Students

Students who have attended other schools and used VA educational benefits will need to complete a VA Form 22-1995 (Change of Program or Place of Training) and submit it to the CUH VA Certifying Official.

Transfer Education Benefits (TEB) to Dependent Information:

View Information for TEB

Verifying Enrollment Each Month: (For Chapters: 30, 1606 & 1607)

After the student has been certified for the semester he/she must verify continued enrollment with the VA office in Muskogee, Oklahoma. This must be done at the end of each month before payments will be issued. Verify enrollment by calling 1-877-823-2378 or GI Bill Verify Attendance.


  1. VA Form 22-1995.
  2. Submit CUH29A VA Certification form to the VA Certifying Official located in Clarence T.C. Ching Hall, Ground Level (Basement).
  3. Submit the CUH Form 29B anytime there is a change in your enrollment status to the VA Certifying Official located in Clarence T.C. Ching Hall, Ground Level (Basement).

Contact Markelle Gateley for any of the forms listed above.  Information listed in Contact Us below.

Reminder: Please follow the instructions on the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and turn in a copy of your COE to the VA Certifying Official as soon as possible.

Contact Us

For more information regarding your VA benefits and/or the Yellow Ribbon Program:

Markelle Gateley
Chaminade’s School Certifying Official
(808) 739-8385