Graduate Students

Aid Availability and Eligibility

The financial aid information below is for prospective and current students pursuing Graduate degree.


Graduate students at Chaminade can receive:

We do not provide institutional aid to graduate students.


In general, you are eligible to apply for financial aid if you are, or will be:

  • a classified student at CUH
  • a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • have registered with the selective service (applies to U.S. males ages 18-25)
  • maintaining satisfactory academic progress
  • have not been convicted of a drug offense during the time you are enrolled and receiving financial aid
  • have not defaulted on a prior student loan or owe a refund on a previous educational grant

Other qualifications such as financial need, enrollment status, and scholastic ability may be applicable for certain types of aid programs.

Current students need to re-apply for aid each year:

To renew a Graduate-PLUS Loan:

PLUS Loans must be renewed every year. Students must apply for the PLUS loan and be approved to receive funds. Approval for prior years does not guarantee PLUS loan funding will be approved each year. Loan recipients can complete the PLUS loan application at

To renew an Alternative Loan:

Students who are receiving an Alternative loan must reapply for their loan every year. Just like the PLUS loan, alternative loans are credit approved loans, so they are not guaranteed each year. Students receiving an alternative loan must complete an application with their preferred vendor.