Financial Aid Process

Below you will find the process it takes to apply for and receive financial aid. Remember, it is always best to secure any scholarships and grants that you may be eligible for to reduce your overall cost of attendance.

File a FAFSA

Filing your FAFSA is the single most important step in the financial aid process. You will need the following in order to complete your FAFSA:

  • Your Federal Student Aid PIN (if filing online) – this will be used each year so make it something memorable! You can apply for a Federal Student Aid PIN here.
  • The Chaminade University school code: 001605
  • Your Social Security Number and your parents’ numbers (if you are a dependent student)
  • Your most current tax information. We recommend all eligible students use the IRS data retrieval tool. Dependent students must provide their parents’ tax information. If you have not filed taxes for the current year, you can estimate your tax information and make corrections later.
  • Current bank statements (checking & savings)
  • Any information pertaining to the value of any owned businesses and investments.
  • Any information pertaining to the value of non-taxable income that is not reported on the tax return, i.e. social security benefits, etc.

Log in to the FAFSA site at

Check your status: Three days after you successfully file the FAFSA, you can check the status online to see if anything is incomplete or if additional steps need to be taken. We will get our copy/report within about 2 weeks after it has been submitted online.

Review and Accept Your Award

Remember, you must accept the award amount you intend to use.
Students may use the online accept/reject financial aid form in WebAdvisor to accept full or partial award amounts or to fully reject an award. If you would like to discuss your financial aid options before making a decision, contact your counselor in the Financial Aid Office.

Apply for Direct Federal Loans

For fall term enrollment it is best to apply no later than early summer. Before borrowing, you should educate yourself about the student loans that are available to you.

About Federal Loans

If you are taking out a loan: Complete your Master Promissory Note and Entrance Interview Counseling (if necessary), no later than early summer, so that your funds will be on time for fall term.

Money Arrives

If you’ve followed through on the prior steps, your financial aid should be ready by the start of school. Federal regulations prohibit federal aid from being disbursed to students’ accounts any sooner than 10 days before the start of school. Chaminade begins disbursing all available aid as early as permissible so that students’ accounts are settled by the first day of classes.

If you have more aid in your account than charges pending you will eventually receive a refund of your excess aid in the form of a paper check distributed at the Business Office window. Your refund will be available at the earliest possible time according to the policies set forth by the Business Office.

Maintaining Eligibility

Going forward, the most important thing you can do to stay eligible for financial aid is to maintain satisfactory academic progress. You will also need to file a FAFSA each year to be eligible to receive financial aid.  In addition, you are eligible to apply for and receive federal financial aid if you:

  • Are classified as a student at Chaminade University of Honolulu
  • Have registered with the selective service (only applies to male citizens of the United States of America ages 18-25)
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Have not been convicted of a drug offense during the time you are enrolled and receiving financial aid
  • Have not defaulted on a prior student loan or owe a refund on a previous educational grant

Note: You must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen to qualify for financial aid.