Current Students

Don’t forget to renew your FAFSA to ensure you receive aid each year.¬†Endowed¬†Scholarships are also made available to eligible, full-time undergraduate students.


Filing your FAFSA is the single most important step in the financial aid process. Be sure to file every year you intend to receive financial aid.

Maintaining Your Eligibility

The most important thing you can do to keep your financial aid is to keep up your grades. Per federal regulations, the Financial Aid Office is required to monitor student aid recipients on their satisfactory academic progress.

Apply for Endowed Scholarships

These scholarships are made possible by funds that have been generously given to the university by a large number of individuals and organizations with the purpose of assisting our Chaminade students. Students who qualify usually receive an award in the range of $300 to $3000.

About Renewing Loans

Instructions for reviewing Federal Student Loans, Alternative Loans, and Parent PLUS Loans.