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Graduate Cost of Attendance

Tuition Rates and Fees

Tuition rates per credit hour, effective July 1, 2019.

Classes are typically 3 credits.  Full-time constitutes enrollment of at least 6 credits per term.

Cost per Credit-Hour

  • MED/MAT tuition: $825 per credit hour
  • MSCP, MSCJA tuition: $1,000 per credit hour
  • MBA tuition: $1,035 per credit hour
  • Online Fee: $93 per course
  • Hybrid Fee: $40 per course

Cost of Attendance Budgets

2019-2020 Academic Year

Effective July 1, 2019

ProgramTuition and FeesRoom and Board*Books and SuppliesTotal
MED, MAT$19,800$17,349$1,600$21,400
+ room & board and personal expenses
MSCP, MSCJA$24,000$17,349$1,600$25,600
+ room & board and personal expenses
+ room & board and personal expenses


  1. *Room and Board varies based upon individual choices. Amount noted in the table are normative values to facilitate an estimated cost.
  2. Other varied expenses (normative values):
    • Personal Expenses: $1,905
    • Transportation: $1,312
    • Loan Fees: $192


These financial aid budgets are used by the financial aid office to determine your aid eligibility. The budgets that the financial aid office uses are not the “real” cost to attend school, but the estimated total cost of attendance* in receiving one’s education during the school year.  All budgets are based on full-time enrollment.

*Estimated total cost of attendance: The estimated total cost associated with attending college which includes, but not all inclusive of, all direct school related expenses; living, personal and transportation expenses while attending school; and estimated loan fees (based on the entire financial aid population at Chaminade) of loans taken out while attending Chaminade.